Sump pump discharge pipe

The sump pump discharge pipe was not connected. Found during a home inspection in a Columbus Ohio home. Sump pump discharge pipe found during a Central Columbus Ohio home inspection becomes a fountain

Mold testing Central / Columbus Ohio

Mold testing air quality testing in Central Ohio area.

Melted siding due to neighbors windows

With the push for more energy efficient building materials things bound to happen that were not intended. Look at windows. They have added a coating to better reflect the suns rays, the result is the windows are able to act like a slightly curved mirror and focus the suns rays like Archimedes supposedly did around 212 BC.

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Baluster spacing and safety standard from the past

Baluster spacing standards have changed since this mid 1800’s was built.

What is under the floorboard of this Kenton Ohio home?

Check your Columbus Ohio Deck for Safety

Decks are nice to have on your home. Decks extend the living space of your home to include part of the exterior. Decks however are often not built correctly. When we do home inspections in Central Ohio we often find decks that are in need of repairs and improvement.

Recently there was deck collapse at a Dublin Ohio condo raising awarness of the need for safe decks.

Here is a link to a video an Ohio home inspection company made showing home owners what to look for when checking their decks for safety.

One of the most common issues found with a deck is how the ledger board is attached to the home. Often nailed instead of properly bolted to the home


Electromagnetic fields and gutters

Multiple issues at a window

We frequently will find windows with issues such as broken seals, springs not tight enough, cracked glass or the tilt in latches broken. This window found during a condo inspection in Columbus Ohio had a combination.



Baby Proofing part 2

Here are more tips on how a baby proof your home brought o you by a home inspection company.


Baby Proofing Part 2

Habitation Investigation Baby Proofing Pt 1

Tips on how to baby proof your home.