Gas leak found during Marysville Ohio home inspection

Here is a very short video of a gas leak found during a home inspection in Marysville, Ohio.  I have found similar leaks at other cities as well so it is not just an issue found in this one city. I contacted the gas company and they came right out and fixed it. I left a message for the listing agent, so far he has not called back  for at least two days now.

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Creative home owner made a gable vent that can be closed

Some people are very creative in what they do. I give them credit for effort and creativity even if it something that should not normally be done. While at a recent Ohio home inspection I found it again.  The example of that is in the home attic here where the former home owner created a pulley system to open and close one of the gable vents.

The problem with this is that attic should always be ventilated, especially in the winter when condensation can become a big issue.

Missing attic insulation found during Mechanicsburg Ohio home inspection

Mechanicsburg ohio home inspection finds missing attic insulation. Not an unusual find. It is also an inexpensive fix.

Home inspection finds condensation line adding moisture to crawl space

It is important to control moisture in all areas of a home. A home inspector should always look for moisture issues. Here is a video taken during a home inspection in Ohio.  This is a crawl space inspection video. Ohio home inspection video here shows and explains the issues with condensation in a crawl space. Make certain that your home inspector actually enters the crawl space.

Ohio Home inspection finds foundation issue

Ohio home inspector identifies a foundation issue for a home buyer.

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